How to reset Webmail Email Id password in Cpanel.

If you forgot the password for a cPanel email account, you must be able to log in to cPanel account to reset it.

To Reset cPanel Email Passwords

Step-1 : Log in to cPanel (

Login in Cpanel

Step-2 : After Login, You will have menu list with icon in which you have to find "Email Accounts". In the Email section, click "Email Accounts".
Find Email Account.

Step-3 : After Clicking "Email Accounts", You will find the list of the email which you are using right now. Search by email id which you need to chnage the password hightlighted as "1". For changing the password, click  or "Change Password" hightlighted as "2".
Search and change password.

Step-4 : Complete the fields showed on the screen like "Password" & "Password(Again)" , and then click "Change Password". (Psss. Its better you make your password strength upto 100/100.)

Step-5 : Last and Final step is about checking your new password. Open the webmail link ( and use your email id and new password for login.

Login in Webmail.That's It, Now you can use your email account with your new password. Simple isn't it?

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