CSF SSH Command [CSF Cheat sheet]

This article covers some useful CSF SSH Command Line Commands in a “cheat sheet” format.

csf -s Start the firewall rules [email protected][~]#csf -s
csf -f Flush/Stop firewall rules (note: lfd may restart csf)
[email protected][~]#csf -f
csf -r Restart the firewall rules [email protected][~]#csf -r
csf -a [IP.add.re.ss] [comment] Allow an IP and add to /etc/csf/csf.allow
[email protected][~]#csf -a Home IP Address
csf -tr [IP.add.re.ss] Remove an IP from the temporary IP ban or allow list.
[email protected][~]#csf -tr
csf -tf Flush all IPs from the temporary IP entries
[email protected][~]#csf -tf
csf -d [IP.add.re.ss] [comment] Deny an IP and add to /etc/csf/csf.deny [email protected][~]#csf -d Blocked This Guy
csf -dr [IP.add.re.ss] Unblock an IP and remove from /etc/csf/csf.deny [email protected][~]#csf -dr
csf -df Remove and unblock all entries in /etc/csf/csf.deny [email protected][~]#csf -df
csf -g [IP.add.re.ss] Search the iptables and ip6tables rules for a match (e.g. IP, CIDR, Port Number) [email protected][~]#csf -g
csf -t  Displays the current list of temporary allow and deny IP entries with their TTL and comment  [email protected][~]#csf -t

Source from: https://www.hostdime.com/resources/csf-ssh-command-line-commands/
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