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How we consider the Managed Hosting?

When we started Hosting business we had not many options to host with so we used to go with Yahoo Hosting, it was very simple but when that goes down there are no one to save you and you end up with big time downtime.

Now in today’s time, facing the down time is the loosing the current as well as future money. Every one wants almost 100% uptime to compete with their rivals. We at Vogue Hosting defines the real meaning of managed hosting as we do not differentiate what is your job and what is our job. We simply go by the thics to make sure that you have secured and on going website or application hosted on our servers. Our simple managed hosting plans includes the cost + managed services. Each client when they subscribe with our managed hosting they are entitle to access our ticket system, phone numbers to call directly to our call centers and also offer round the clock live chat option to help every customers from every support line.

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