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Difference between Cheap and Premium Hosting

To choose a hosting provider is not that easy anymore, there are many of us choose to go with the cheapest and that is something we should do but there are important difference between cheap and premium service in terms of Web Hosting. When individual and small business look for hosting they go with the cheapest first they compare the features and price and what ever negligible they do compromise and subscribe.

Now at Vogue Hosting, we believe there is no cheap or premium hosting its simply our cost v/s our commitments to provide maximum up time with solid Hybrid Security. [Human and AI]. 

Often people go with the cheapest and forget that they are actually missing big part which is “Showing your website to the users when ever they want and that too efficiently[Responsiveness]” Now, few still believes you can tolerate little downtime and that will not make any big difference but that is something which is strongly impacting on your ranking over the various search engine. But I believe when you have good servers and strong up time half of your SEO is already done but if you are having down time very often and you spend money on your SEO campaigns I feel sorry for them cause those efforts are going no where cause sometime they get hit so badly that it takes months to even resume the position. I been SEO Technician, I always change or remake the website  when ever I found any wrong infrastructure or even change the servers.

Considering the Hosting server and as we all know other big organization can do provide better service but you have to be constantly monitoring their emails and when you miss, your site gets suspended and it takes days to resume. This is again something we do not expect to see our website is down due to we did not replied over the time. There are companies who provide only 4 hours to reply or else they suspend your account which I found very Mafia  so when you wake up or just left the office you done cause you will see next thing is suspension on your website. This is one of the drawback when you go with the Big Organization. Now on the contrary there are good Hosting providers and brands who follows advance intimation and they give you well over 24 hours which is more then sufficient for any individuals.

What is conclusion?

There is no cheap or premium hosting it all depends, how they provide support and their collocation. Now a days you can always count on startups like Vogue Hosting who can provide not only great support but also promise you state of the art security to make sure your website and application always works when you and your users wanted.

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