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Choosing the right cloud storage?

It all begin with purpose when you are selecting perfect cloud partner for your cloud storage. Everyone are same in when you are free-hand or individuals but in for corporates its not the right choice on the contrary every one provide special features what corporate deserve means every cloud drive are good for every individuals while for the corporate it is a different story.

For storing personal files:

Each drive provides 5 to 15GB storage for their FREE users while in the subscription plans you get to select your storage capacity at your will. Normal person ideally use 10 to 15 GB which is quite sufficient to store their phone backups and application data and Google is the best choice for them who are belongs to Android now, If you are Apple users you should go with ICloud as it is offering storage for your apps and media files while Microsoft [OneDrive] is kind external drive which gives some modern features but it can not be your first choice.

Pricing for each drive:

Google Drive One Drive ICloud Amazon Drive DropBox
Initial Size [FREE on Signup] 15 GB 10 GB 5 GB No 10 GB
File Size Restriction No No No 2GB 2GB
Paid Plans $2/month for 100GB $2/month for 50GB $0.99/month for 50GB


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